What is the All-Party Commission on Physical Activity?

The Commission is taking a new approach to investigating physical inactivity in this country with a cross-sector group of parliamentary experts.

This novel approach is vital so that we can look for the first time at the whole, rather than the individual strands working in silo: Health, Sport, Transport and Urban Planning, and Education.

Why was it set up?

The Commission was set up is in response to the overwhelming evidence in the Designed to Move report and the need for action to end the physical inactivity epidemic in the UK, and will run from autumn 2013 to spring 2014. The Commission is run by Parliamentarians (also referred to as the Co-Chairs and Commissioners).

Who is involved?

The work of the Commission is directed by the Co-Chairs and Commissioners (list) who are all members of the UK Parliament, either the House of Commons or the House of Lords. The final report of the Commission, which will make policy recommendations to tackle this crisis, will be signed and directed by the outcomes of the Commission’s evidence gathering and presented by the Co-Chairs and Commissioners. The Co-Chairs and Commissioners are supported in this work by the Designed to Move Champions, with secretariat and communications support from FleishmanHillard and Blue Rubicon respectively.

You can find more information within our Terms of Reference.