Written Evidence Received

A full list of submitted evidence can be viewed here.


4 thoughts on “Written Evidence Received

  1. This report should make for interesting reading. Over the last 50 years in particular our “physicality” has been neglected to the detriment of our nation’s health. Particularly guilty has been the State Education system with its only priority being academic success as measured by exams and school league tables. Priority must be given to recruiting, training and embedding young, positive and active role models into schools – as a new dimension of specialist staff.

    Rather than hiding behind the lack of facilities, we should be looking for dynamic and enthusiastic young people (and more often than not young men to address the gender imbalance in primary schools), to provide charismatic examples to the next generation. We need driven individuals – made of the right stuff – not reluctant teachers who would rather avoid the effort of being retrained, or those only engaging for a monetary reward.

    We can take 20,000 young people off the dole and retrain them to transform physical activity in every primary school in the country. If we put two in every school, one for the pupils and one for the parents and community, we can create another 20,000 jobs for young people and transform our primary schools into Community Activity Hubs to act as the physical activity heartbeat for every local community.

    A complete review of school PE (which is not the same as schools sport by the way) is needed – and OFSTED need to look at PE for the Digital Age in an entirely new way.

    It appears that the NHS will move towards “prevention” rather than focus on “treatment” alone. We are also told that Physical Activity will hold a pre-eminent position in the new strategy.

    This is a great step forward but turning words into actual action will be an even bigger challenge. Bring it on.

  2. What a shame there doesn’t seem to be any commentary on the need to build, develop and refurbish the existing sporting infrastructure in this country?

    With VAT now at 20% money is taken away from sports clubs, local government and grant funders (including the EU) to be recycled into central government coffers. Why should charities be the only ones to benefit from VAT exemptions? Imagine what could be done with that 20%! If the numbers are to be believed a change to the VAT rules would be a drop in the ocean of the £20bn we spend fighting the fat.

    Recent overdue changes to the CASC scheme do little to minimise the ongoing running costs many sports clubs experience.

  3. PE in primary schools needs to become a specialist subject similar to Middle Schools.

    The Mayor supported this pilot in London in 2010/11 by funding 300 coaches through an innovative CPD programme.


    This pilot should now be further developed and linked to the new school sport premium funding as many sports coaches still coach/teach aspects of the primary school PE curriculum incorrectly.

  4. The theory I put forward is that `play’ is the engine, `sport’ a vehicle and individuals the drivers towards social engineering by putting forward the original concept `play through sport’, which if given the opportunity to provide a strong evidence base could be used by future policy makers to take a massive step forward towards re-aligning thinking in this subject area and reigniting the prospect of `play and sport development being used collaboratively to deliver on three key fronts, moral, material and social development across our local communities, helping to impact on social indicators, like social inclusion, crime reduction, educational achievement, and health improvement, including help towards tackling the current obesity epidemic, fast consuming all sectors of British society today.
    – David Kilby Shropshire Playing Fields Association

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